How to pack the goods correctly?

Proper packaging protects the contents of the shipment from everyday hazards and ensures that the goods being transported do not damage other goods during transit.

  • Packaging must be sufficient to protect your item during transit.

Using the most common measures, you can avoid time and labor costs, as well as financial losses.

  • Use shock-resistant materials that will not allow the load to move freely during transportation.
  • Each fragile or vulnerable item must be wrapped separately.
  • Packages must be securely sealed with adhesive tape intended for gluing transported goods.
  • Boxes must be on the pad and secured.
  • Cabinet furniture (chests of drawers, wardrobes, beds) must be disassembled in detail and properly packed in a separate package filled with packaging material.
  • Larger shipments (equipment, etc.) must be secured with a supporting frame structure, which must be filled with protective packaging material (styrofoam, etc.).

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