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What to Take with You When Moving Abroad

Are you planning to hit the road and start afresh in a new country? Well, moving abroad can be an exciting chapter in your life, as it’s a golden opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people, and broaden your perspective. However, it can also be a bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time. With the right planning and organization, you can easily transform this enormous task into a smooth and stress-free journey.

Let’s look at a basic overview of moving abroad and some useful tips to ensure a seamless transition.

Understanding the Basics of Moving Abroad

First things first, moving abroad is no cakewalk. It can be quite challenging and requires considerable planning and preparation. From deciding what to pack, to navigating through complex paperwork and legalities, dealing with language barriers, to adapting to a new culture – the move entails a lot of steps and potential hurdles. But worry not! As challenging as it might seem, every problem has a solution.

Essential Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

  • Start early: The key to a successful move is planning ahead. The earlier you start, the more time you have for research, getting necessary paperwork done, and organizing your belongings.
  • Research extensively: Do thorough research about your new home country. This can involve understanding its culture and customs, finding a suitable place to live, familiarizing yourself with the local transportation system, and learning some common phrases in the local language.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: Life is full of surprises, and some can be quite unexpected. Always have a back-up plan and ensure you have emergency funds set aside to help navigate unforeseen situations.
  • Stay connected: Moving to a new place doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your friends and family back home. Thanks to technology, you can always maintain those significant connections no matter where you are in the world.

Remember, moving abroad is not just about packing your bags and embarking on a new adventure. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing the change, and growing as an individual. So, while the task might seem overwhelming initially, the rewards you reap in the end, including personal growth and unforgettable experiences, are all worth it.

Stay tuned for the following sections, where we’ll dive into more specific topics such as the importance of hiring international removal specialists, essential documentation to carry, tips on efficient packing, and much more. Buckle up and prepare for your next big adventure!


Why You Should Consider Hiring International Removals Specialists like ELP MOVING

Moving homes can be a daunting task, and the challenges multiply when you’re relocating to a different country. Besides the emotional aspects of leaving your familiar surroundings, the logistics involved in such a move can be overwhelming. This is where professional assistance from international removals specialists comes into the picture. Companies like ELP MOVING offer expertise in handling the complications of overseas relocations, making the process less stressful for you.

Relying on Professionals for Hassle-free Removals

If you think about it, undertaking the move on your own can be a gigantic task. Between sorting, packing, transporting, dealing with customs, and finally unpacking at your new place, there are numerous opportunities for things to go wrong. By hiring specialists like ELP MOVING, you can transfer these responsibilities onto knowledgeable and experienced shoulders.

These professionals are adept at overcoming common moving obstacles such as dealing with complex customs legislation, handling fragile items, handling heavy furniture, and even making sure your pets have a safe journey. They know how to deal with the unexpected and can provide solutions promptly, ensuring your move is as smooth as possible.

Benefits of Hiring ELP MOVING Professionals

  • 1. Customized Services: ELP MOVING offers personalized services to suit your unique needs. Whether it’s packing, storage, or transportation, they have the expertise and resources to accommodate your requirements.
  • 2. Insurance Coverage: When you’re moving valuable possessions across international borders, having an insurance coverage is crucial. ELP MOVING provides comprehensive coverage, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are protected.
  • 3. Time & Cost-Efficiency: With their extensive network and resources, ELP MOVING can often execute relocations more efficiently, saving you both time and money.

If you’re still thinking of undertaking the move yourself, remember that the cost-savings might not be worth the stress and potential mishaps that can occur during the process. The expertise and comprehensive services provided by international removals specialists might be a worthwhile investment that ensures a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

Wrapping Up

So, when you’re planning your big move abroad, consider hiring international removals specialists like ELP MOVING. With their wealth of experience and resources, they can handle every element of your move, from packing your prized possessions with care to ensuring they safely reach your new home abroad. This leaves you with more time and energy to focus on settling into and enjoying your new surroundings. Relocating to a new country is a significant life event, so why not let the professionals handle the logistics while you focus on starting your new chapter?

Essential Documents to Carry When Moving Abroad

If you’re gearing up to move abroad, amidst the excitement and anticipation, there’s also a whole lot of paperwork. While daunting, it’s vitally important not to overlook these documents. They’re your ticket to a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new home.


First and foremost, ensure you have an up-to-date passport. This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how easily this can be overlooked. Check the expiry date, as some countries require that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from that country. And don’t forget about passports for your children!

Visas and Work Permits

Your ticket to legally living and working in your new home country is your visa and/or work permit. Do your research well in advance to determine which type of visa you need. There are often different options such as work visas, partner visas, and student visas, to name a few. Ensure you understand the application process and the time it requires being approved.


  • Birth Certificate: This is often required for various things such as obtaining a visa, getting married, or applying for citizenship.
  • Marriage / Divorce certificates: If you’re married or divorced, take these documents along to prove your marital status.
  • Academic Certificates: If you intend to work or study abroad, you might need to provide evidence of your qualifications. Bring along your school, college and university certificates and diplomas.

Health Records

It’s also a good idea to bring your health records or a letter from your doctor summarizing your health history and any current medications you are taking. This would be beneficial during your first healthcare appointments abroad.

Insurance Documents

Ensure you carry all relevant insurance documents. Health insurance is particularly important, but don’t forget about travel insurance, and coverage for your belongings during the move. Some countries even require proof of health insurance upon entry.

International Driving Permit

If you plan on driving abroad, an International Driving Permit (IDP) could be necessary. This translation of your current license allows you to drive legally in many foreign countries and can be obtained easily before you depart.

While the list may seem long, remember that preparation is the key to a smooth and stress-free move. Start gathering these documents well in advance, and keep them organized and accessible during your journey. Happy travels!

How to Pack your Belongings Efficiently: Tips from ELP MOVING

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting. Besides the culture shock and the emotional rollercoaster, you also have to manage the logistics, especially packing your belongings in a way that ensures their safe and organized transit. Here are some useful tips from professionals at ELP MOVING to help you pack efficiently for an international move.

1. Begin Early

Start packing your items at least three weeks before your moving day. This might sound a bit early, but it certainly helps in avoiding last-minute scrambles. Consider packing items you rarely use first and gradually move toward the essentials as you approach the moving day.

2. Make an Inventory List

Before you start packing, prepare an inventory list of everything that you’ll be moving. This will help you in keeping track of your belongings. Plus, it will be handy when you are unpacking in your new home or in case you need to make an insurance claim for lost or damaged items.

3. Sorting and Decluttering

It’s a great time to sort through your belongings and decide what you really need to take with you. Consider donating or selling items that no longer serve you. Remember, the less you pack, the cheaper and easier your move will be.

4. Pack Strategically

Organize items based on their use, size, and fragility. For fragile items, make use of bubble wrap, newspapers or clothes to provide extra cushioning. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books and large boxes for light items like blankets and clothes. This strategy makes the boxes easier to handle and avoids any potential damage from the boxes becoming too heavy.

5. Label Your Boxes

This might appear to be a no-brainer but it’s amazing how often this step is overlooked. Labeling can save you a lot of time and hassle when you arrive at your new home. Make sure to mention the contents and the room they belong to on the box.

6. Keep Important Documents with You

Keep important documents such as your passport, visa documents, international driving permit, etc., in a separate bag that you can keep with you during the move.

7. Use Professional Packing Services

You might consider employing the services of a professional packing company like ELP MOVING. They have the experience and expertise to handle the packing efficiently, saving you a lot of stress.

Moving internationally is a big step, and packing your belongings in a way that keeps them safe and organized will ease the transition process. Follow the above steps to have a more comfortable and organized move. After all, proper planning is key to making your move stress-free and successful.

Necessities for Your New Home Abroad: What to Pack and What to Purchase Locally

Moving to another country is a thrilling new chapter in life, but it also comes with a host of decisions to make, especially when it comes to deciding what to pack and what to buy when you get there. It’s a delicate balance, but with a bit of foresight and preparation, it’s a challenge you can conquer.

Let’s start with items you should pack:

  • Essential Documents: This is a biggie and it’s not just your passport. Carry copies of your birth certificate, marriage and children’s birth certificates if applicable, health records, and any other necessary identification documents. Ensure these are in a safe and accessible place.
  • Prescription medications: If you have prescriptions, pack enough to last until you can find a local source. Remember to bring copies of your prescriptions and make sure they are legal in your new country.
  • Personal Items: Things that remind you home, your favourite book, photos, or a sentimental object; these are rather subjective but undeniably important. They are your emotional anchors in a new place.
  • Clothing: It’s wise to pack an appropriate amount of clothes based on the climate of your destination, but remember that fashion styles may vary. When in doubt, less is more. Pack essential items and plan to buy the rest locally.

Now, let’s take a look at the items you might consider purchasing locally:

  • Furniture: Unless you’re emotionally attached to your bed or couch, it’s more cost-efficient and practical to buy furniture locally. This not only saves you shipping costs but allows you to furnish your house in a style that fits your new surroundings.
  • Household Items: Smaller items like kitchen utensils, linen, and cleaning supplies can be bought locally. It’s usually cheaper and less hassle than trying to pack and ship them.
  • Electronics: Depending on where you’re moving, the voltage and plug types may be different. Buying locally ensures your electronics will work without the need for adapters or converters.
  • Vehicles: If you’re considering bringing your car, think twice. Understand the country’s regulations about importing vehicles can be complex and expensive. Instead, consider selling your car before you move and purchasing another once you’re there.

Remember: When making these decisions, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the cost and logistics of shipping versus the cost of replacing items, the availability and quality of goods in your new country, and the potential for differences in electrical standards or vehicle regulations.

Relocating abroad is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about embarking on an adventure, and part of that adventure is adapting and embracing your new surroundings. So, pack sensibly, buy wisely and enjoy the journey.

Health Considerations: Medications and Health Insurance Documentation

When planning a big move abroad, it’s essential not to overlook the crucial aspect of your health. Still, it can be easy to get swept up in the logistics of packing and coordinating transportation, forgetting that your health needs are just as important – if not more so – than your material belongings. So let’s delve into the key health considerations to bear in mind, with a focus on medications and health insurance documentation.

Managing Medications When Moving Abroad

Perhaps you take daily medications or have prescriptions for chronic conditions. Whatever your situation, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Firstly, meet with your current doctor before you leave and discuss your relocation. They can help create a tailored health plan for your move.

  1. Refill Prescriptions: Ensure that you have enough medication to cover the initial move and the first few months in your new country. This will give you ample time to find a local healthcare provider.
  2. Carry Necessary Documentation: Bring copies of your prescriptions and any necessary medical documents. If you’re stopped at customs or need to explain what the medications are for, this will be invaluable. Ensure these documents are translated if you’re moving to a non-English speaking country.
  3. Check Legalities: Some medications have differing legal status across countries. Something that’s over-the-counter in your home country might require a prescription elsewhere or even be illegal. Be sure to double-check!

Health Insurance Documentation: Your Health Safety Net Abroad

Health insurance is your safety net when living overseas. It can safeguard you from unexpected high medical costs and ensure you receive the necessary health care.

  • Become aware of the health insurance system in the country you’re moving to. Some countries offer public healthcare, while others rely on private insurance.
  • Investigate if your current health insurance coverage can be extended internationally. If not, you might need to buy an international health insurance plan.
  • Remember to carry all the necessary documentation related to your health insurance. Keep electronic copies as well, to ensure you have access to them at all times.

The Bottom Line

Moving abroad is an exciting journey, but going prepared with a thoughtful health plan can make it smoother and safer. From adequately managing medications to ensuring your health insurance is comprehensive and in place, these considerations should be high on your priority list when planning your big move.


Adapting to Your New Environment: Cultural, Language, and Social Aspects

Moving abroad represents a significant change, and adapting to a new culture, language, and social norms is a crucial aspect of settling in comfortably in your new surroundings. Here are a few tips from ELP MOVING to help you transition more smoothly into your new environment.

Understanding the Culture

Every country has its own set of unique traditions, customs, and values. Before you move, it would be beneficial to conduct thorough research on your destination’s culture. To truly immerse yourself in the new culture, be open to understanding and embracing the local customs and traditions. It will help you connect better with the local people and make your stay more rewarding.

Master the Language

If you’re moving to a country where English isn’t the primary language, it’s crucial for you to learn their language. Even basic conversational skills can be instrumental in dealing with everyday situations. Numerous apps and online platforms can help you learn a new language at your own pace.

It’s also a good idea to carry a pocket dictionary or language translation app on your phone for quick references. Remember, the locals will appreciate your effort to speak their language, enhancing your social interactions.

Embrace the Local Cuisine

Food is a significant part of any culture. Embracing the local cuisine not only allows you to enjoy the diverse flavors and culinary techniques of your new locale, but it also helps you connect with local residents. Try to venture out to local markets and eateries to truly appreciate the gastronomical delights your new home has to offer.

Establish a Social Network

Establishing a social network is key to feeling at home in your new environment. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to your neighbors and participate in local community events. Joining clubs or participating in activities that align with your hobbies and interests can also help you meet like-minded people.

Maintain an Open Mind and Be Patient

Adapting to a new environment takes time. You might feel out of place initially, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that it’s a learning process. Mistakes are inevitable and are also an integral part of the adapting process.

Remember, the key to a smooth transition is maintaining an open mind, being patient, and respecting your new culture. You’ll soon find yourself falling in love with your new home and embracing the change.

Embracing a new culture can be challenging but rewarding. With these handy tips from ELP MOVING, we hope you settle comfortably into your new life abroad. Wishing you good fortune on your new adventure!

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